BM&A has been operating in the audit and consulting market for 30 years.
BM&A UK is helping banks, financial institutions and companies to produce regulatory financial and prudential information. The London-based office provides project management skills and regulatory expertise for both UK and EU requirement schemes.
Our definition of regulatory financial and prudential reporting refers to all the risk and finance data published in templates and dataflows required by financial supervisors.
We offer regulatory Assistance, Review & Audit and Advice on data and processes:
  • Accounting and financial reporting using IFRS, FRC/UKGAAP and continental GAAPs
  • Solvency and Liquidity regulatory reports (such as COREP, FINREP, S2QRT, LCR/NSFR, ALMM, AER)
  • Resolution regulatory reports (such as MREL, TLAC, resolution and recovery plans)
  • Statistical regulatory reports (such as ANACREDIT, SHS)
  • Internal ratios and reports (such as ICAAP, ILAAP and other risk assessments)
  • External reports ("Pillar 3")
We also provide active Regulatory Screening, Training and on-request Expertise on regulations:
  • BCBS prudential requirements and equivalent regulations in the EU (CRD/CRR, BRRD) and the UK
  • Solvency II prudential requirements for the Insurance sector
  • EU and FCA regulations for financial Markets (MiFID2/MiFIR, EMIR and extended regulations)
For up-to-date regulatory screening and news, we invite you on fizReg, the experts' hub for Financial & Business regulations.
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